ASD Nest Program

 ​The ASD Nest program is a program for high functioning students with ASD that takes place in an integrated co-teaching class in a community school. The ASD Nest program mission is to help children learn how to function well academically, behaviorally and socially in school and in their community. The program provides an educational therapeutic environment in which the requisite supports are provided by a team of specially trained educators and therapists.

Intervention • Services

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Language Pathologists Paige Klein and Tara Gordon provide mandated speech therapy to children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in the Nest program at P.S. 19. Social Development Intervention (SDI) is the social therapeutic intervention taught in tandem with academics in the ASD Nest program.  SDI is based on the developmental language model, relationship development, and social cognitive theories and is used to remediate the social and pragmatic language skills of children with ASD. Our students improve these skills in a dynamic, exciting and naturalistic setting within their social group.  We build their competence and motivation to participate with their peers through fun, engaging, group activities! 

Ms. Klein


Ms. Gordon


Occupational Therapy 

Ms. Groman

Occupational Therapist ASD Nest

Ms. Verdino

Occupational Therapist ASD Nest

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